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This is the home of Dayton Flyer Mock Trial!


Competing on a national level, we consistently face the top teams in the country.  Our victorious season in 2019 led us all the way to the National Championship Tournament in Philadelphia.  

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(2020-2021 Season,

In Progress)


A Team: 8-0 Record

All-Region Attorney x2: Arabella Loera (Attorney, 19 Ranks; 17 Ranks)

B Team:

All-Region Witness:  Jinyoung Lim

(Witness, 18 Ranks)

Hoosier Hoedown @ Indiana University

A Team: 5-3 Record

Personal Awards: Arabella Loera (Attorney, 17 Ranks); EJ Monahan (Witness, 16 Ranks)

B Team: Thomas Fechalos (Attorney, 17 Ranks)

Scarlet and Cream @ Nebraska

A Team: 6-2 Record, 3rd Place

Personal Awards: Arabella Loera (Attorney, 17 Ranks)

B Team:  Lydia Artz (Witness, 17 Ranks); Thomas Fechalos (Attorney, 18 Ranks)

Scarlet and Grey @ Ohio State

A Team: 5-3 Record

Personal Awards: Arabella Loera

(Attorney, 19 Ranks)

More Individual Awards!

Nick Gregor (A Team, Witness, 17 Ranks, Sundown Showdown @ Arizona State)

Lydia Artz (B Team, 18 Ranks @ Cornshucker Challenge (Iowa))

Thomas Fechalos (B Team, Attorney, 20 Ranks @ Geneseo Joust (State University of New York))



Opening Round Championship Series

March 20-21, 2021


None Upcoming; Check Back in Fall 2021!



University of Dayton Mock Trial prides itself on strong work ethic and unwavering enthusiasm. With 15 competitors, ranging from Freshmen to Seniors, Dayton Mock Trial strives for success in and out of the courtroom. 

Mock Trial is a competition in which undergraduate students present a jury trial before practicing attorneys and judges. Mock Trial requires not only superior presentation skills, but also a competitive edge. Schools from across the country compete directly against you and your team. Can you think on your feet? Can you impress the judges with your advocacy skills? If so, you are in the right place.


The University of Dayton is located on the banks of the Great Miami River, in southwest Ohio, barely two miles from downtown Dayton. Founded in 1850, UD is one of Ohio's largest Catholic Universities, at eight thousand undergraduate students.
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Dayton Mock Trial is one of the strongest up and coming national programs. In 2019, Dayton earned a bid to the National Championship Tournament in Philidelphia.  When COVID-19 required students to compete virtually during the 2020-2021 season, Dayton rose to the challenge and fielded two teams.  Achieving a perfect 8-0 record at Regionals in Spring 2021, Dayton A hopes to earn a bid to the 2021 NCT!






Dayton Mock Trial attracts students from many different academic disciplines and studies.  Our competitors not only succeed in the courtroom, but also in the classroom: previous competitors are now enrolled in law schools such as Yale, Loyola, Chicago-Kent, the University of Cincinnati (to name just a handful of schools where recent competitors now study). The skills you learn from Mock Trial (e.g., critical thinking, public speaking, etc.) are relevant in virtually any field, as other graduates have pursued careers in medicine, business, and many other areas. Dayton Mock Trial will give you the techniques to not only sway judges and juries, but become a successful communicator in any field you choose to pursue.